NYC Trip: Part V

P made a reservation at Sarabeth’s for brunch. I had salmon eggs benedict and four flowers juice (pineapple, orange, banana and pomegranate…I don’t know why they call it “four flowers”). I think Japan also has Sarabeth’s but I’ve never been so I’m not sure how similar it is to the ones in America. It’s nice, casual, and has quite many choices for brunch. I saw a lot of families and groups of friends coming in that day.

Once we’re done, P took me to visit Columbia University. It’s not too far to walk from the restaurant. I have visited UC Berkeley 2 years ago and I was really impressed with their campus and facilities. Columbia is another top university and I was anticipated to see it. I only got to see some area of the university and it was so beautiful. I like campus that has a lot of flowers and trees like my university in Tokyo. Of course, Columbia University looks wayyyy better! The architecture is stunning. I like old European style buildings; it reminds me of Hogwarts. 🙂

Columbia University

Columbia University

My schedule for today was pretty chill. P got a day off so he could spend time with me and take me around. In the evening, I planned to go see another Broadway show. One of the shows that people keep talking about and I had been DYING to see it! Can you guess? It’s the famous WICKED!

Anyway, we came back to P’s apartment after Columbia University tour. P made me watched the Wizard of Oz film to prepare me for the show. He also let me read the lyrics, in case I don’t understand/wouldn’t be able to follow everything then he could explain to me. That’s actually very helpful. English is not my native language and I would have missed some parts if he didn’t prepared me for it.

After the movie, I took a short nap while P cleaned the bathroom. Our next plan is to go walk around Chelsea Market and High Line. P got directions confused for a little bit but we made it to High Line eventually. It’s so creative to create a public park on the old rail tracks. P told me there were many people who designed the park. As we walked along the park, we were able to see the difference from section to section. Each section has its own theme. It’s awesome! It’s like going to a big park that has a lot of interesting sub-gardens.

At the end of High Line, we walked right through Chelsea Market. It’s kind of connected. It looks like a compact urban shopping mall. There are retail shops and a lot of cafes inside. I didn’t buy anything at all. P said stuff are a bit pricey. It was almost time to leave to go see Wicked. I went to this Japanese/Mexican restaurant. Not sure if it’s appropriate to say a restaurant. It’s more like a bar style. There was just a counter and chairs, so it’s fine to go eat by yourself. I ordered Japanese beef curry Nachos. It sounds weird but it was delicious! I forgot the name of this place though. I’m sorry. But I don’t think it’s that hard to find.


We exited Chelsea Market and there stood Google’s NYC office.

Google office

P took me to Gershwin Theater and made sure I knew how to get back to the apartment. P had to go meet his family and he had already seen Wicked so I’d see it alone. I got a pretty great seat. Middle row in orchestra. The stage was set up nicely with a dragon at the top. It was spectacular. The special effects was fricken awesome!!!! The storyline, the casts, oh my god, EVERYTHING was PERFECT! Wicked is now my MOST favorite musical EVER!!! I was crying, smiling, laughing, singing (in my head) through out the show. The main casts were Caroline Bowman (Elphabe) and Kara Lindsay (Glinda). They were amazing at both acting and singing and they had a great chemistry. If I happen to be in NYC next time, I’ll for sure go see Wicked again. 😀



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