NYC Trip: Part IV

We slept in for a little bit today. P got his half-day off work, so he could be with me all morning. His original plan was to take me to Jacob’s Pickles, but we weren’t that hungry for a big breakfast. We also plan to go get pizza in Brooklyn for lunch, which would be in a couple hours so we dropped it. Instead, we went to a bakery shop closed to his apartment. I got some pastries he recommended. I think it was lemon scone and almond chocolate croissant. 

So heavy

There was a lady who was having her pastry; she saw my colorful nails and complimented me. She totally made my day! I love how people are so friendly in the US. It’s so easy to strike up a conversation and connect to strangers for a minute or two. I barely see that happens in Tokyo. A lot of Japanese people are quite reserved and very careful about intruding other people’s space. I really respect that quality but sometimes I think it’s a bit too cold.

We went to Brooklyn bridge on the wrong side. We popped out right next to the river. P thought we could get on a bridge somewhere from there but nope. We had  to walk back to starting point. I was so glad I brought my sunglasses. It was really hot. My skin was burnt by the time we crossed to Brooklyn. You should pay attention when you cross the bridge. There are 2 lanes: one for walking, and one for biking. Try not to cross over the lane. Some people ride their bikes pretty fast and you may cause an upsetting accident.

Grimaldi’s was just kind of under the Brooklyn bridge. We got there about 15 mins before people filled up the place and a super long line formed in the front. (We have been pretty lucky with timing so far.) It’s said to be one of the best pizza restaurants in NY! I don’t know if that’s true but it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had. 🙂 We ordered a small Pepperoni pizza and added 2 more toppings,mushroom&garlic. When they said “small”, I should have known it’s American’s “small”. 😉 Damn, ‘Murrica, everything about you is big! (I had to make sure with the waiter that I ordered a small pizza and that they didn’t give me a large one instead. P was amused. 😀 ) I shared with P and we couldn’t finish it. We didn’t do take-home either since I’d be walking around all day and P had to go to work right away. Saddest moment 😦

Small pizza!

Pepperoni, mushroom, garlic pizza

P dropped me off at Times Square, so I could go line up at TKTS for Broadway discount tickets. I looked forward to seeing the King&I and P saw it once already. He absolutely loved it and didn’t mind watching it with me again. There were other 2 friends who would like to join us. My friend, B, who got back from DC and P’s roommate, L. The King&I is one of the most popular shows at the moment and it’s rather expensive to buy full price tickets. We would like something more affordable and TKTS was one of the best choices. You should probably go line up and hour before the booths are opened. I went half an hour before and there already tons of people lining up. It’s tricky because you don’t know when the tickets will be sold out. There are some rules about getting tickets for Broadway shows and you can find out more info here: TKTS discount booths

I probably waited around one hour and a half before I got to the tickets booth. There were 4 seats, all next to each other, in Orchestra section. It was 40% off so it was around $105/ticket. Tony Award-winner, Kelli O’Hara, would be performing as Anna Leonowens. She’s the real deal and everyone was just excited to see her. =)

The King and I was playing at Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center. We got there ahead of time to take some pictures. The show started at 7PM and it was almost full. I loved every second of it. It’s mostly sarcastic and hilarious. I was really amused by some “Thai dance”, “Wai” (Thai greetings), and some Thai sentences they said. It’s not quite like that in reality. haha I could understand how some Thai people/ Thai Government got offended about the movie/book and decided to ban the King and I in the country. Sometimes it felt like the King was being ridiculed. But it’s mostly FICTION and people know that. I wanted to focus on the fun part so I didn’t think much about this issue.  I totally recommend  the King and I. It was brilliant.

The King&I

After the show, we went to the Smith for dinner. I ordered salmon with pastrami spiced, roasted fennel, shiitakes, yellow wax beans, and pistou. The portion was not as big as I thought. We were very tired by that time; we didn’t take that long at the restaurant. We hurried back home, took a shower, and went to bed right away.


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