Washington DC and NYC trip: Part II

Surprisingly, the next morning I was the first one who woke up. P and B were dead sleeping. I took a shower and woke them up. We walked to a restaurant called Asian Cafe which is a pretty big restaurant. They had variety of menu to choose from; Japanese, Singaporean, Thai, Chinese – You name it. It was brunch time and we were really hungry. We ended up ordering way too much. I totally forgot how big American portions are.

Massive Sushi Too much leftover

My friends like to say that things in Japan are cheaper than the US but I don’t think it’s true. Let’s say it’s about 10-15 dollars(1200-1800YEN considered $1/JPY120) per meal (including tips and stuff..and not talking about fast food like Mc Donald’s) while it’s about 800-1500 YEN per meal (depending on how fancy/whether it’s lunch or dinner) — It does seem like it’s cheaper in Japan BUT one meal in the US equals two meals! I could only finish half my plate of every meal while I was in NYC and DC. I mostly shared with my friends or took those leftovers home. Plus, you guys have Costco and Trader Joe’s and maybe other amazing whole food places I don’t know of. I love it. ❤ I barely get to eat fruits in Japan, except bananas, because everything is overpriced.

Anyway, as you can see in the picture, it was too much food. We all got a pretty bad food coma afterward. We wanted to walk it off and thinking of it now, I’m not sure it was the best idea. It was hot and very sunny. We walked from the restaurant to the Marine Corps War Memorial. I have seen it on TV and online before but having seen it face to face gave me goosebumps. It looked so real and I could feel a lot of emotions.

The Marine Corps War Memorial

Later on, we kept walking under the bright sun to a Fish Market right next to a river. They sold crabs, shrimps and fish. Normally, I would have bought all of them just to try out but we were still full, so we decided to get only a pound of shrimps to share. We certainly saved some money since we didn’t pay a dime for cabs that day.

Fish Market



Fat shrimps :)

We walked from there to Modern Art Museum just to peek inside for a quick view. We didn’t have much time as we had to go back to NYC that evening. I prefer spending time in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum so we headed there, passing National Mall. The museum was free of charge, but you can donate. It was really nice inside. So many interesting things to read but we didn’t have time. My favorite room exhibition was stories of The Wright brothers and airplanes. We were exhausted by the end of the museum so we took a subway back to our hotel. We stopped by at Cosi, a fast restaurant chain, across from the hotel, to get some early dinner. The bus will take 4 hours and a half. We knew we would be starving. Cosi’s home-made flat breads were DELICIOUS! Actually, everything I ordered were yummy. It was cheap as well. Gosh, I wish we had it in Japan.   

National Mall

Air and Space Museum

Flowers make me smile :)


After dinner, we packed up stuff and got ready to leave. B were staying in DC until Tues and she would meet up with us in NYC from Wed. We got back to Penn Station around midnight. I bought a 7-day unlimited card. It’s an awesome deal and I recommend you to get it, if you take at least 2 subways /day. See more details about it here: Metro Card

We took a train to Upper Manhattan where P’s apartment is at. His roommates were already in their rooms sleeping. P bought an air mattress and put it in the living room for me. One of his roommate, L, was not sleeping yet actually, so he helped us out and asked me how my DC trip was. I skyped with L before and it was nice to finally see him in person. P had to go to work the next day and I didn’t want to keep him up super late. I just took a shower and went to bed. So excited to explore NYC for the rest of the week!


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