Tokyo Bay Fireworks 2015


August 8, 2015 marked another day for Tokyo’s big fireworks event. I heard about it from my friends a couple weeks prior to the event. They said that this maybe the final Tokyo Bay fireworks and the next one will be in 2020 for the Olympics. Due to this news, I had been excitedly looking forward to it. However, I looked up online later and the source reported a bit differently. Please click the link for more information: Tokyo Bay fireworks festival may be an Olympics loser, ousted by construction work

My friends and I went to an acquaintance’s apartment near Tamachi station. Some of them dressed in yukata as well and I thought it was adorable. I wish I had my yukata with me in Tokyo. I feel like summer is the only time a gaijin can dress like a Japanese and we don’t look weird.  XD

The view from the balcony was really nice. We could see Rainbow Bridge above the river. There was also an interesting triangle-shaped building on the left side. I thought to myself that the location is PERFECT. We would be able to see the fireworks show from up here, saying good bye to fighting for a spot with other people on the street. Oh boy how wrong could I be…

Most of the time the fireworks were right behind that building! Damn it. These are the only two good pictures I could capture since they were a bit higher than the building. My friends and I were kind of upset because we expected something better. What kept us sane was the food. It was yummy!

After eating for a while, we thought that it would be better to go down and try to find a spot to watch fireworks. It’s not worth it if we came all the way here see fireworks?  We paid for food and said bye to the apartment’s owner and left. I could tell he was somewhat disappointed that it didn’t go as smoothly as he wished.

We walked along the road and stopped by where a lot of people were standing. It’s not the best location but it was way better than seeing fireworks from the apartment. We all had a great time.

The show was spectacular and I think I like it better than Sumida River Fireworks. Everything about it was GRAND but, unfortunately, it got all smoky during some parts so we couldn’t see the fireworks clearly. When the whole show ended, everyone cheered and clapped and headed back the same way to the station. I lost my friends at one point but I knew for sure I would be okay as long as I followed the crowd. Yup, finally got back to the station and found  all of my friends who had been waiting for a while. We headed to Gotanda for a quick meal. Most of us went for Ippudo ramen while the rest went for Hawaiian burgers.

I have heard about Ippudo ramen since I first got to Japan but I have no idea how come I waited this long to try it out. It was absolutely delicious. The soup was about right and we could have pickles/garlic/spicy beansprouts as much as we wanted. I think it’s now one of my favorites ramen shop in Tokyo!

We later went to a friend’s apartment to drink and chill. I guess everyone was just really tired, so we weren’t doing much. We parted when it’s time for last train. It was indeed a memorable night. 😀



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