Job at NHK&The Caribbean Latin/America Festival

Today I went to another studio shoot at NHK near Yoyogi Park. It’s my third time shooting for a TV program called, “Cool Japan” by NHK. It is one of the most fun part time jobs I have done and I’m so grateful I have a chance to experience it. I always learn a lot of interesting things about Japan as well as other countries whenever we have a discussion. I got this opportunity because of my college friend who also did this job when he was still in Japan. When I was staying with my Japanese host family, we watched this show almost every week. Everyone is a BIG fan of this show. One day I saw the said friend in the show, so I texted him to tease about him getting famous. Little did I know, the producer was looking for someone from my country. Bingo! My friend told me he would introduce me to the crew and long story short, now I’m a part of Cool Japaners. 😉

This time we also had a fun and thought-provoking discussion. I also made some new friends from various countries. After work, we walked back to the station and I saw this one ramen shop that looked super good. It suddenly reminded me how hungry I was and that my tummy was growling during today’s shooting. XD My new friend probably saw my face, so she asked me if I was hungry. I told her, “Yes…” Next thing I know, we were already inside the shop waiting for our ramen. Hehe

When we got our ramen, I was so disappointed because I thought mine would come with a boiled egg but it didn’t. Well, my new friend offered me hers. I was so surprised but of course, I refused to take it. She insisted I took half of the egg and yah..I did. I was so impressed. I mean I’m always impressed and happy when people offer to share their food with me but I barely know this woman! I decided right then I wanted to know her more and hopefully become good friends. (Please don’t judge me for feeling motivated to be friends with someone because of a boiled egg.) I asked her if she wanted to go to the Caribbean Latin/America Festival that’s happening nearby with me after ramen. Of course, she wanted to join me.

I guessed we got there quite late so we didn’t find as many shops as expected. She was telling me about a famous Pisco Peruvian drink, too bad we didn’t find it at the festival. We ended up walking to the other side which is a park with fountains. It was very quiet and only a couple more people were sitting around there. We talked and talked and talked. Politics, religions, cultures, family, relationships, you name it. The conversation was effortlessly flowing and I learned a lot about her country and herself. One interesting thing was that I have always been a pro-choice but during some conversation with her, I paused and actually thought if I made a right decision to be a pro-choice. I think I still do but her aspect was also very great and insightful.

We realized later that we were talking from 5ish until almost 9PM. Crazy. I really like it when I can talk to someone and forget all about time or my cellphone. 😀 It’s funny to think that I wouldn’t have got to know her this much if she didn’t ask me with a simple question, “Are you hungry?” I reckon it’s true when they said, “A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet.” 🙂



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